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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ron Paul receives early Christmas gift from supporters

It was four years ago, that Ron Paul supporters shocked pundits when their “Tea Party 07” event raised more than 6 million dollars in a single day, setting a new record. An anomaly which was mimicked yesterday on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, when his loyal base was able to raise over 3 million dollars in just 24 hours. The event was organized by grassroots supporters and was held at Dr. Paul’s official campaign website. While they weren’t able to muster another single day record breaker, the overall totals are much greater than Paul’s last run, and still more was raised in 24 hours than many other candidates raised for entire quarters. If you ask Ron Paul supporters the purpose behind these “Money Bombs” they will tell you it’s not just to fund the campaign. Ron Paul’s campaign has often been dismissed as a fluke, a few people on the internet with the ability to win online polls. But when the campaign is able to organize and garner more individual donors than any other candidate, it’s hard to deny that “Ron Paul Revolution” is not going to simply go away.

This method of breaking through the media barrier didn’t stop with fundraising. Ron Paul supporters in Missouri set another new record by constructing the largest election sign in the nation. The sign, which can be seen by more than 60,000 commuters per day, is located alongside the major interstate corridor, I-44. The sign which reads “Ron Paul 2012” is 84 feet long.

More pictures, videos and information available at

Individuals behind the sign project have been in touch the Guinness Book to certify the record.

Ron Paul supporters have shown an uncanny ability to pull of unbelievable feats which highlight the dedicated organization of their movement. Ron Paul has won more straw polls than all of the other candidates COMBINED. The latest Iowa polls show Ron Paul within 1 percent of current front-runner Newt Gingrich. But more interestingly, the polls show Gingrich losing support, and Ron Paul gaining. Considering Paul’s campaign x-factor of highly organized volunteers, it is highly likely that Ron Paul will win the Iowa Caucuses.

Ron Paul has been asked repeatedly in interviews if he will support the eventual nominee, in the event he falls short of the goal in the primaries. In addition, Ron Paul has been hammered for famously refusing to pledge not to run third party.

But with Paul’s ability to pull off upset after upset, maybe it’s time to ask Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and the other candidates if THEY will run third party should Ron Paul win the nomination.

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