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Monday, January 23, 2012

Romney "supporters" paid to show up at events. (VIDEO)

There is a $2,500 on the amount of cash a presidential candidate can accept from an individual for his official efforts. But this only counts for the official campaign. Romney has received millions from corporations and investment banks, through other organizations such as Political Action Committees. So where does this money go? You'll be shocked at how far they will go to portray a falsehood- that Romney has any real, passionate supporters.

In the video below (all credit goes to the individual who posted the video) a man can be seen wearing a Romney for President T-shirt. It seems that English is not the man's native language, as you can hear an accent as he struggles to find the correct wording for his sentences. The man admits that he was contacted by someone who found his name on the unemployment list and they paid him to stand there wearing the Romney regalia. The man even admits he wouldn't vote for Mitt Romney!

The major media is controlled by the very same interests who finance Mitt Romney and the other establishment candidates and is able to sell you a grand illusion. So when CNN or Fox news rolls footage of a Romney campaign event, we can only guess at how much money was spent to assemble a small crowd.

The level of sophistication of this propaganda is truly remarkable.