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Monday, March 19, 2012

CAUCUS FRAUD: St. Charles County GOP Committeeman arrested for supporting Ron Paul (video)

Attendees of Saturdays Republican Caucus in St. Charles County MO, quickly got a sense that county GOP leaders were planning some shady business when they were told upon entry (before any rules were voted on) to turn off their cameras or be hauled to jail by one of the five police agencies who were standing by.

Fears were confirmed when caucus business began in complete violation of Robert’s Rules of Order.  Once the county Chairman recognized that the Ron Paul contingency had a clear majority, he immediately began an effort to shut them out.  Members were not recognized to speak, and points of order and calls for a counted vote were completely ignored.  The body predictably became very upset. Perhaps out of fear of the now very riled crowd, the meeting was adjourned improperly without conducting any business.

 One man attempted to save the caucus by following Robert’s Rules and reconvening the meeting legally in another area of the property.  While peacefully attempting to organize a legitimate caucus, Brent Stafford was arrested and charged with trespass after the county chairman called the police.   Stafford is a current serving member of the  St. Charles County Republican Central Committee.

Here is Brent’s interview on the Jamie Allman radio show 97.1 FM. 

                                           Video of Stafford's arrest:

The GOP needs to take a careful look at how they treat Ron Paul supporters.  They should look at the gymnasiums packed to the rafters with dedicated, knowledgeable energetic crowds and ask themselves, do we really want to shut the door on these people?  Can we win a general election without them?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Romney "supporters" paid to show up at events. (VIDEO)

There is a $2,500 on the amount of cash a presidential candidate can accept from an individual for his official efforts. But this only counts for the official campaign. Romney has received millions from corporations and investment banks, through other organizations such as Political Action Committees. So where does this money go? You'll be shocked at how far they will go to portray a falsehood- that Romney has any real, passionate supporters.

In the video below (all credit goes to the individual who posted the video) a man can be seen wearing a Romney for President T-shirt. It seems that English is not the man's native language, as you can hear an accent as he struggles to find the correct wording for his sentences. The man admits that he was contacted by someone who found his name on the unemployment list and they paid him to stand there wearing the Romney regalia. The man even admits he wouldn't vote for Mitt Romney!

The major media is controlled by the very same interests who finance Mitt Romney and the other establishment candidates and is able to sell you a grand illusion. So when CNN or Fox news rolls footage of a Romney campaign event, we can only guess at how much money was spent to assemble a small crowd.

The level of sophistication of this propaganda is truly remarkable.